Conducting research on mesolithic resource procurement in the Norwegian mountains



We are an independent research group, we have been investigating aspects of Mesolithic technology since 2006.


Drawing from archaeology, anthropology, ethnography, the environment and craft traditions, we test the possibilities of the past through Experimental Archaeology with an emphasis on Ancient/Primitive Skills.


By having a knowledge of the environmental resources of our ancestors and by using those resources in actualistic experiments, we can gain a greater understanding of how our ancestors lived, as well as improving our knowledge of seasonality and procurement.


The focus of our current research aims to further our understanding of birch bark tar production in the Middle Palaeolithic.


Public participation and Education is where Experimental Archaeology has a real strength, we achieve this through workshops, interactive displays and by encouraging involvement in our practicals.


We conduct workshops in a range of Primitive Skills and technologies, including; primitive jewellery, bone and antler work, cordage making, primitive fishing and firemaking.


Alternatively, we can offer you suggestions on the use of Experimental Archaeology, such as viable hypotheses, methodologies and the execution of the experiments, regardless of technology and period.


Please contact us if you would like to discuss colaborative projects or ideas for experiments.


Tine and Peter are the Directors of the Mesolithic Resource Group. You can find more information about each of us above. © 2012


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