Experimental Archaeology


Experimental Archaeology is a discipline which uses contextual experiments to aid our interpretation of archaeological data.


Experimental Reconstruction and Experiential Archaeology are often used to engage public interest in our past or as an educational medium, most notably through reconstruction or living history role-play.


Not only does Experimental Archaeology open up the past, providing an insight into the Life-ways of our ancestors, it is also a most effective method of learning.


Participants who engage in our experiments or workshops discover for themselves how Mesolithic Hunter-Gatherers procured and processed a range of materials, as well as learning and appreciating the skills of our ancestors.


We work mostly with materials and technologies that we can harvest and manufacture ourselves. For example, natural fibres for cordage or containers, stone tools, food procurement and processing.


Our experiments are generally field-based, we believe that working in this way provides us with insights that a lab environment does not.


However, where appropriate, we include scientific equipment to supplement our field-based experiments.


Because we are an independent research group, we rely upon external sources for funding.


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