The Mesolithic Resource Group practices and teaches
experimental archaeology and primitive skills

We use a range of skills, natural materials and field-based experiments in order to offer a greater understanding of how Prehistoric people lived.

Birch bark tar experimental archaeology

Experimental archaeology

Through reconstruction or living history role-play, we aim to discover how our Mesolithic ancestors procured and processed materials, such as creating tar or clothing fibres.

Primitive skills

We investigate the techniques that Prehistoric people used to create tools, clothes, and other resources, and learn the bushcraft skills they would have used for navigation and tracking.

Books by Dr Peter Groom

Based on the latest archaeological research, these novels are packed full of Natural History, Bushcraft and Primitive Skills. The stories are set during the Mesolithic, some 8000 years ago in the area that now comprises North Staffordshire, Cheshire, Merseyside, the Wirral and the edge of the Clwydian Range.

The Hunter, the Dog Men and the House by the Shore book cover

The Hunter, the Dog Men and the House by the Shore

The Hunter series, book one.

A lone Mesolithic hunter works his way through a diverse and changing landscape, encountering a range of characters; from traders to killers and ultimately meeting his new mate. The landscape of what is now Staffordshire and the Trent valley provide the backdrop against which this story unfolds. Join him as he travels through this vivid landscape where aurochs, elk, wolf, lynx and wild boar roam.

The Hunter, the Anger and the Green Man book cover

The Hunter, the Anger and the Green Man

The Hunter series, book two.

The novel builds on the first book in the series, by continuing the story of the Hunter and Golden Woman. Living through a changing climate in a changing landscape while coping with external and internal conflicts. With an emphasis on seasonality and spirituality The Hunter, the Anger and the Green Man takes the reader into a time when the people were a part of nature, rather than apart from nature.

Golden Woman, the Island and the House by the Shore book cover

Golden Woman, the Island and the House by the Shore

The Hunter series, book three.

Influenced by our existing archaeological knowledge, personal research and experimental archaeology, this, the third novel in the Hunter series, continues the story of the Prehistoric communities, which are set some 8000 years ago. A lone Mesolithic traveller seeks and creates her own place in a changing environment. A fluid landscape full of wildlife and a range of characters.

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School education bushcraft archaeology days

Education days

We work with schools, colleges, universities, museums, and youth groups to deliver experiential learning packages suitable for curricular or extra-curricular activities.

Practical workshops

Learn how to thrive in the natural environment by developing skills in firecraft, tracking, and shelter-building, as well as how to create tools from natural materials.

Peter Groom and Tine Schenck

Our experts

The Mesolithic Resource Group was founded by Dr Peter Groom and Dr Tine Schenck who both have a strong interest in experimental archaeology and natural history.